Travel Advice For Better Travel

Not Your Normal Travel Advice Blog

This is not your normal travel advice blog because I won’t tell you what are the best things to do. I won’t because I can’t.
I can’t tell you what
to do on your travels, where to go or how to get there But
I can give you travel advice on how to
make your travelling a little bit cheaper easier, and better.

MY Travel Advice

I can tell you how to make your travel a little bit better because, all travel is the same. Travel is a bit like a sandwich.  It involves Moving to somewhere, Staying there, and Doing things while you are there. It is just the content of the box that is different and depends on your likes and dislikes. Better travel is all about you.


Travel Advice, Only A Little Bit Better

Ignore any travel advice that claims to give you “The Best …” or the “Top 10 …” How can anyone know these things unless they have seen or done everything, seen everything and been everywhere. I can show you how to do things you want to do, only a little bit better.

  • A Little bit Cheaper
    We all have a budget but if you can save money in one area, that you do not care too much about, you can spend more on the things you do like.
  • A little bit easier
    Travel is fun and exciting but it has its frustrations and sometimes difficulties. With a little bit of thoughtful planning and research, some of these, but not all, can be avoided. You can learn from my mistakes and the odd time when I got it right.
  • A little bit better
    They say travel broadens the mind but by thinking “outside the box” you can widen your experience of travel. You can make your travel better by knowing what you want and then looking beyond what you thought you could achieve.