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A Computer History Museum, My Life

A Computer History Museum
My Life Displayed


PaulOne of the reasons I went to Paderborn was to see the “Worlds Largest A Computer History Museum” and it was not a disappointment. It covered the history of computing from cogs to micro chips. There was lots to do, for a geek anyway, but it made me feel old and grey, because there in the cases was a great deal of my life, now just history.


QuestioningPlease Sir! You are old and grey.


Children can be too truthful, don’t you think?


WordPress Plugin Evaluation

Travel Reviews Can You Trust Them?
A Bit Like a WordPress Plugin Evaluation

Evaluating anything is all in the method. OK, so this is a travel blog but I am using WordPress and deciding what plugin’s reviews to trust is similar to deciding which reviews to trust on tripadvisor when I book a hotel.

My Evaluation Method For Reviews

I will use two examples. I was looking for a Landing Page Plugin and this looked popular with 20,000 active installs but I always like to make my own mind up.

Landing Page

My first step with reviewing anything, from hotels, through IT equipment to plugin’s is to look at the review stars. On average this plugin looks to be good. But for my first step I check the negative comments.

Landing Page Review


A detail critical comment from a regular reviewer shows someone who knows what they are talking about and I am likely to trust them. What did the good comments say?

Landing Page Review Good

The first comments is a glowing endorsement but lacking in detail from a one off reviewer, I wouldn’t say it was wrong but I would not count it as a positive review. It’s just the same with tripadvisor reviews of hotels and restaurants, some people just like to be nice and lavish praise, probably a trait learned in childhood because it made people like them. A good strategy to win friends and influence people but not a good basis for making a decision. The next reviewer just got their star ratings wrong, a critical comment and 5 stars. I will watch out for any comments from him on other reviews, and ignore them.

I do not always Listen to Negative Reviews

I was looking at a Paginate plugin and came across this. Just like the previous example I went to the negative, one star review first.


Again this should be a good plugin with an above average star rating and over 80,00 users. So what were the negative comments?

Wp-Paginate Negative Comments

Two bad reviews from one off posters. I am tended to ignore these as I would reviews on tripadvisor. And when I looked at the instructions for WP-Paginate, it was very clear that you needed to “alter the code” and the plugin even told you how to do it!

Wp-PaginateNegative Comments

WordPress Plugin Evaluation
Evaluate the Reviewers First

In the end when you make a decision, its up to you but checking the reviews can give you valuable clues and guidance, just review the reviewers before you accept their opinions. I am Grey Packer, the Travelling IT Teacher , check me out before you trust these comments.