Airport Hotels A Cost or Bonus?

Airport Hotels A Cost or Bonus?

Airport hotels can offer an easy start to your trip and free parking. I am sorry if I am teaching “An old dog new tricks” or “My granny to suck eggs” but there are times when I think, “I knew that but forgot.”

In How to get to Anywhere, Wilf talked about what to look for in transport and he suggested early flights should be avoided. But there is away around this and it could prove cheaper, easier, or better, or even all three.

The Bonus of Airport Hotels

It is more difficult getting to the airport for an early flight. Public transport is erratic at the best and non-existent at the worst. Driving at night can be inconvenient, uncomfortable and a bit more difficult if things go wrong, like getting lost or a breakdown.

The alternative is to start your journey the day before and stop over night in an airport hotel. The advantage for travellers using public transport is that you are guaranteed to be at the airport on time for your flight the following day. The plus for drivers is that you can take your time, there is not traffic jam stress and you could get free airport parking.

The Costs of Airport Hotels

You can get an airport hotel for about £70 a night for a family room.

So the extra cost of an easier start to your holiday or an extra nights holiday for the family is £60. Is it worth it, that is up to you to decide.

A lot of airport hotels offer free parking and transfers to and from the airport

I confess, it might cost a bit more but on the other hand you could say you were starting your holiday a bit earlier and for only a little bit extra, a holiday bonus!

There are two types of airport hotels, “On-Airport Hotel”, they are by definition, closest to the airport. Which makes them the most convenient. Often you don’t even need to take a shuttle bus to the airport. They may or may not offer free parking but if there is a train to the airport they can sort out the problem of no early morning public transport. They are, however normally 4 or 5 star and their prices tend to be high.

The other alternative is Hotels with Park and Ride. They offer free parking normally for 8 to 15 days but as the name suggests you need to ride to the airport. The shuttle is often included in the price but not always, and then it can be quite costly, even though the hotel is relatively cheap.

To find out what the costs could be I did a search on the Internet. Flying from Manchester on the 10th October 2014, that’s a Friday and returning on Saturday the 18th. This was for a family of four, two adults and two children. It would give a more relaxed start to a weeks holiday with an early flight.


As you can see, the price ranges from £91.00 to £131.00. I have added in the cost of the “ride” if it was not included. I then looked at car parking, without the hotel, for the same period.


 Ready to find an airport hotel? Click here for some quick links to the major providers.


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