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Airport Parking

How much is airport parking? The answer is more expensive than it could be, if you opt for the first in line. Here is how you get cheaper airport parking.
By doing some research I saved £16

Knowing What Your Looking At Saves Money

I Google and searched “LBA Car Parking” This is the page that Google returned. Let’s have a look at the page. Knowing this is useful for any search, an on-line purchase or a local tradesman if you need a job doing. Google uses the same format.

  • The areas boxed in red are paid for advertising, knowing this some people avoid them, thinking they are biased, not always a wise decision.
  • The areas boxed in green are a map of LBA area showing the car parks and links directly to the websites of those businesses.
  • The blue boxed areas are the “organic” listings ranked by Google as the best sites for your search query.

Google Search airport parkingLaziness Cost Money

I have flown from LBA so many times and used the same airport parking company so often, that my first instinct was to search just for their website and book it for my trip to Malaga starting on the 1st September. I know I should have used bookmarks but I hadn’t so I had to search for their website.

I needed to get a rough idea of the cost of my holiday before I did any booking. The search came back as £49 for eight days. Using Tabbed browsing makes price comparison easy, so from the search page I opened tabs for several parking companies.

ChoiceAs you can see 1,2,3,5,6,7 and 8 are all paid for adverts. The only one that’s not paid for is Holiday Extras, which comes up in the “organics” as a good site for airport parking, as do 5 and 6 but they have paid for adverts too.

I started with LBA’s own website and found it significantly cheaper at £38. For those of you who are a good at mathematics you will have spotted that that is a saving of £11 not £16,

LBA Long Stay airport parkingIt also proves that “Booking early saves money, booking on the day costs lots.”

sentinalNumber 2 was my original option and was still at £49, although I have always been happy with their service, they will not get my custom again unless their prices come down, their service is good but not £11 worth of good.

AirportParkingNumber 3 gave me a far better choice of options and prices than 1 or 2 and offered me the parking “free” if I could get it cheaper. What an incentive to do some more research.

HolidayExtrasNumber 4 was Holiday Extras. The only one that was not a paid for advert. I had seen that in number 3. Still I filled in the form and got their quote, Which was identical to number 3.

I could now see why Holiday Extras did not need to advertise and why it came out top on the “organic” list, the other sites were pointing to it as a link and this raises the profile of Holiday Extras in the Google rankings.

Number 5 was different and had no Holiday Extras branding but the prices were the same. In fact it is owned by … you’ve guest it – Holiday Extras.

AirParksNumber 6 Travel Supermarket and yet again Holiday Extras logo, same prices, same offer of free parking if I got it cheaper.

TravelSupermarketWith no competition it looked as if my “Free” parking was only a misers dream.

I am going to jump to 8 next, just so I can dismiss it as way too expensive for me, it is the “Harrods Food Hall” of Car Parking travel supermarkets.

LCS Airport Parking Which leaves me with lucky number 7.

SkyParks Airport Parking Skypark had done it, with a discount of 12% they had undercut Holiday Extras and their minions! I could book with Holiday Extras. Claim I could get the same parking cheaper and get the parking for FREE!

Questioning“Please Sir! You said I should always read the small print.”

ConditionsClause 8 is the Holiday Extras “Get Out of Jail Free” card.

But I could save £4.46p by booking with Skypark, an overall saving of nearly £16. I bet you can guess who I will be booking with next time!


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