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Better Travel Is
All About You!

I cannot tell you what the best places to visit are or even how to get there but I can help you to get the travel you want, only a little bit better.

What? Is The Question to Get Better Travel

What is the Question to Ask to get Cheaper Travel?The first thing you need to do for better travel is ask the right questions about the trip you are planning. You need to ask yourself “What do I want?” Thinking about where to go closes too many options and will certainly not lead to better travel. What? Is the Question


What’s the Budget?

Travel With Your BudgetPeople confuse budgeting, cutting costs, with having a budget. We all have a budget, even the super rich have limits to their wealth.

You should to set a limit to how much you can spend on your next trip, that’s your budget. I can show you some ways of cutting costs within that your budget. Travel Budgets

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