Book Airport Hotels. Quick Links

Book Airport Hotels

What To Do


  1. Right Click on each picture, choose open link in new tab. This means you can compare prices quickly. [Need help ? Try here]
  2. Read why I have chose these sites and not others
  3. Follow the advice on What To Do Next

Airport Hotel Booking Sites

Holiday Extras AirhotelsaphSkyPark Airport HotelsGeneral Hotel Booking Sites With Options

Booking.comHotel With Airport Parking Options

Premier Inn Google Search Airport Hotels

Search Google for Airport hotels works well too. After the ads, which I’ve “torn out” Google gives you a list of airport hotels in your area.

Search GoogleWhy These Airport Hotel Sites

These are the main providers of airport hotels. They fall into two types, hotels themselves and booking sites. You can also search Google.

Holiday Extras is a big name in Airport Hotels, Airport Parking and a host of other extras you might need to give you “hassle-free travel”. A solid family firm with a good booking system and good support. Do not to mislead by the “I guarantee” the terms and condition exclude any discounts you might find by searching around. See I saved on Airport Parking.

xxxxxxxxxxHolidayExtaLogoThere are several websites that seem different but they all link back to Holiday Extras. So there is little point in using them. Just look for the logo. Airhotels is, despite the different website, part of Holiday Extras.

APH. A family firm with 35 years of experience and several awards. They seem to consentrate on selling a servive, rather than selling their brand. The APH website has some useful extra information for the serious traveller. Such as their review of Electronic Boarding Passes from different airlines.

SkyPark. Airport parking and Airport Hotel Booking site. This company was the winner in my search for the cheapest airport parking.

Booking.Com. A well known hotel booking site with a good reputation. In the search box type “Manchester Airport” or wherever you want to fly from.

Premier Inn. A value hotel chain with a dedicated airport hotel section, which makes finding the hotel easy.

Google Search. Because it is one of the first things I do but you do need to know what you are looking at. The first page is mainly advertising.

Booking an Airport Hotel
What To Do Next

  1. Fill in the details for your chosen airport and dates on each site. Do Not Click Book Now.
  2. Open a new tab. If you don’t know how click here. Use Google To search for airport hotels where you want to fly from. See if you you can find any new options worth looking at and open them in a new tab, If you don’t know how click here. Repeat step 1.
  3. Choose the best hotel then Review it. How easy is it to get to? Does it have free Parking, A Free Shuttle Bus, is breakfast included? Is it a good hotel?
  4. Book the hotel that’s best for you, not always the cheapest.

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