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Quick and Easy

I was looking for a cheap holiday in Spain for a family of four. I searched for Cheap Holidays Spain 2015. But I used tabbed browsing to create my own price comparison site.


Tabbed Browsing check it out, if you don’t know what this is then you are not alone, research shows that 4 out of 10 Internet Explorer users don’t know how to use tabbed browsing. Read through the story then try it yourself.

 Here were my tabs

A Tabbed Browser

 By using my tabbed web browser I was able to see all of these pages on the screen at the same time so I could compare prices easily , with the click of a mouse. And here are the results what I found in just 30 minutes. The search for “cheap holiday spain” provide a whole range of holidays, from the very expensive to nicely cheap.

First Choice

My first choice was “First Choice” a nice All Inclusive for £3,504.

Travel Supermarket

I then clicked over to the Travel Supermarket. £3,048. That is a real saving over £450.  And it keeps getting better

Thomas Cook

Thomas Cook £1,799. Yes it’s room only but would you really spend £1,609 on food and drink?


Jet2 flew in even lower and gave me meals, at £1,588. A friendly offer from a Friendly Airline but I was on a search for the cheapest I could get.

Low Cost Holidays

From £1,588 to £1,093.77 but back to Room Only. Would you spend £494 on breakfast and dinner for the family?  Clicking to another tab.

Direct Holidays

Oh yes it can! Down to £1093.77 and then down to £602. Well I doubt if you would spend £986 on dinner and breakfast.

Could I get it even cheaper?


OK so it is only £2 cheaper “small beer” you might say but it is a small beer in most Spanish bars.

The Maths

2904I claimed a saving of £1684 and the difference between the cheapest holiday and the most expensive was £2904. But I’m not stupid. The cheapest is Room Only and the most expensive All Inclusive.

I have not looked at what extras, like transport and baggage are included but it would would be just as easy as comparing the price.

At a rough guess these extras would not account for the difference. Resort transfers of about £100, 2 hold baggage at £60 a case and meals for a week £1,000 tops comes to £1,220 maximum. £2904-£1,220= £1684.

Try Out Tabbed Browsing
See What You Could Save

How2EasyI have given a really easy guide to using tabbed browsing for price comparison, just click the easy button to go there.

Be Warned – It is not only about Price

The big thing that I cannot compare with the Quick and Easy Way to cheap holidays is the quality of the hotel and what the resort is like. Read my Cheap Package Holidays Story to see what I mean.


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