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What You Need To Know About Cheap Package Holidays

Before You Book A Holiday Check It Out
or you could end up being disappointed.

In this story I have used an example from On the Beach they have most certainly not misrepresented their holiday or there would be no story, in fact they have given more than enough information for my family to make a judgement about the suitability of the holiday for their family. What people will put-up with is very individual but you need some way of checking out that cheap deal before you press the “Book Now” button.

An Illustrated Story of Cheap Package Holidays

Being ever curious about travel and holidays, I wondered how cheap I could get a cheap package holiday, for a family of four. Here is the illustrated story about Cheap Package Holidays

Into Google father typed the magic words “Cheap Holidays”

The Google Search

Luck was on their side and not only did they get a list of Cheap Holidays but they got a website offering Very very cheap holidays. Well what can one do but go boldly to the site.

“So what does a Very, very cheap holiday for June 2015 offer our family?” asked mother.

The Deal Finder

To make it a cheap holiday package the company combines the transport and the accommodation and you can often mix and match.

Filling in the Deal Finder for June and a family of four, Father and mother waited, just a fraction of a second for an “Aladdin’s Cave” of delightful deals.

The Deal

Struck with so many bargains, with very little between them in terms of price, Mother said “Chose the cheapest. After all a £1 is a £1.”

The Hotel

The family chose the Manchester departure because it is one of their local airports and they have flown from here before. The Hotel looked nice from the On The Beach website, the holiday looked all clear to go at a bargain price of £463.58 for the family.

The Extras

Of course there were the extras. Father said, “should we go for the taxi?” but mother being the purse holder said “Go with the shuttle bus and save £8.13. With that in my pocket I can treat the kids to an ice-cream or two.”

The Extras2

I met the father in the pub down the road. When I travel alone I always pack light and use just a cabin bag. I tried to convince the father to do the same. I think he spoke to his wife but she insisted the kids needed holiday clothes and she wanted a new dress, swimsuit and evening ware, and that they would need to take two suitcases. That add an extra £63.00, so perhaps the kids won’t get their ice creams.

The Bill

The total bill seems to have an ATOL protection added for £10.00 but still the family are looking forward to a holiday from On The Beach for a Very, very low total of £569.18.

Father doubted that they could get a caravan in England for less and the chance of sun in England was very remote, even in June.

 Caravan Holidays in England

I know this is just a story but I just had to find out if they could have got a caravan in England cheaper. And they could but there was still no guarantee of sun. It is this way of thinking that gets me cheaper holidays. To find this information took me just 5 minutes.

Learn how to search the internet like a “Pro”

CaravanIf you are interested in a holiday in the UK, you could try Haven Holidays too. Just Click for a bargain.

 To continue the story …

Time to sit back and think about the cheap holiday to come

The IslandNever having been to Grand Canaria, the Mother in my family though she would Google a map of the island. And the father realised why the shuttle service was so expensive and took nearly an hour.

Google maps are easy to use.

General InformationFather looked at the General Information and got a little worried when he saw that the hotel was 3km from the beach but mother said a nice walk would be good for them.

But being at little concerned herself, she asked Google for a map from the Capri to the beach. Google gladly answered her request and even gave her the option of a route map for the walk.

The Resort

“Oh, look!” she exclaimed, “you can save two minutes off the walk if you don’t go along the main road.”

A stroll to the beach

“Yes Mum” said the eldest child but you are still walking along a road. The eldest child had been doing map work in school and knew that built-up areas were grey

QuestioningThe younger child was “The Kid” in the class, “Please Sir. Sorry, I mean Mum, I’ve got a picture of the road from Street View!”

Street View is part of Google maps.

A Stroll to the beach on the road

Mother asked “Can you get a picture of the hotel as well?” The Kid, with very little effort pulled up a street view of the hotel.

Street View Hotel

“OMG!” exclaimed father, “It looks like Blackpool!”

Mother heart sank at the thought of a romantic la Carte meal where the menu had pictures.

By now the elder child was feeling left out but managed to pull a rabbit out of the hat, well really an satellite picture of the hotel.

Satellite View is part of Google map.

The Isle of Capri

 “OMG!” exclaimed father yet again but louder this time, “The Isle of Capri is an island in an industrial estate.”

Tripadvisor LogoWishing to calm father down, Mother pointed out that the Tripadvisor rating was above average. “There” said mother, “I told you there was nothing to worry about.”

Well let’s see what people say. So they did.

Review 1

QuestioningThen the youngest child chipped in “Please have you read the next review?”


What the youngest child saw.
Review 2

Epilogue Not Everyone Wants the Same

Some happy trippers waiting to return home from a holiday at the Capri, Grand Canaria

Happy Holiday Makers going home

Although my fictional family were not too happy with their “Cheap Holiday Package” there will be hundreds of real families that would be glad to have a holiday, at this price, at the Capri. That is why it is important for you to know what you want from a holiday. Read What? Is the question you need to ask to get better and cheaper holidays.

On The Beach Holidays

In fact I am so confident that On The Beach is a good travel agent that I am happy to provide a quick link to their site.

Book OnTheBeach

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