Where to go on Holiday

Were you Searching for Where to go on Holiday?


Where to go on holiday? Most people go for a place, Spain and Turkey are popular but some are more “Exotic” like Barbados but much does it matter where you go? Can you do more and get more fun in in the “Wow! factor resorts?” And how much more does it cost to to an “Island in the Sun”?

Have already read What is the important question you need to ask to get cheap Travel?

Let me tell you a story about two couples, let’s call them Fred and Wilma and Barney and Betty, they look a little like their famous counter parts from the Stone Age

FredeIsland in The SunWilma

Fred and Wilma had been watching an old film on DVD and it had given here an idea for a holiday. You too can get inspired with Holiday Ideas. Wilma said “Wow! Let’s go to Barbados. for a vacation. So Fred did a search on Google for “Holiday Barbados” and here is what he found.

“Wow!” said Wilma, “You are so smart Fred, and It is a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.”

Bardados with Airtours

“Yea. Wow I am going to Barbados, just like in the song. What can we do there?” Asked Fred.

So Wilma went to YouTube and looked for things to do in Barbados.

Things to Do on Holiday in Barbados

“Barbados does sound an exciting place to go, with lots of things to do. That Catherine Leech gave us a wonderful tour of Barbados” Said Fred


Just then Barney came through the door. “Hi Fred, Hi Wilma. Just came to say we’ve booked our vacation.”
“We know where we’re going too.” said Wilma. “Right” said Fred “Wow! we’re going to Barbados”
“Just like the song?” asked Barney. “Right said Fred” just like in the song.

BettyThen Betty arrived “Did you say you are going to Barbados? What can you do there?”

“You tell Barney and Betty Fred, while I make a cup of tea.” said Wilma.


What did Fred say they could do?
  • Beaches
  • Hire Cars
  • Safari Tours
  • Surfing
  • Shops
  • Museums

 Wilma came back with the tea. “Where are you going Betty?” So Betty showed her the printout about their planned vacation.


“WoW!” said Fred “It would have been cheaper to go to Torremolinos”
“Yes it is Fred. What we’ve saved on the holiday I am going to spend on Tapas and a good Roja.”
“I know a lot of people think the Costa del Sol is like Blackpool in Spain but it’s not true. Look I got some pictures to show you the places Barney has promised to take me.” So Betty showed the pictures to Fred and Wilma.

Things to Do On The Costa del Sol


The Costa del Sol is the birth place of Picasso. It has, Churches from the 1600’s, Castles dating back to the 11th Century and tombs even older. It’s has “Wild Life” that’s wild and Blue Flag, Clean Beaches. The shops and markets that are world class.

PhoneJust then the phone rang. “Hey gang, it’s Yogi Bear. He said if we are booking a holiday soon, we should check out Grey Packers, Cheap Holiday Package. He said it could save us from a Boo Boo!” Better do that now.


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