How To Travel On Your Own

Travel on your own

Read, what I’ve learned from my travels. It may help you on your travels.

PaulI’m not alone anymore

A Google search for “Travel on your own” came back with “About 963,000,000 results (0.48 seconds)” and a search for “Solo Travel” produced 12,400,000 pages. So I’m not the only person travelling on my own.

Paul on Travel on Your Own
From My Experience

Travelling on your own is a choice

Stay at Home.jpgPeople travel on their own because their partners have different likes and dislikes or cannot travel or they have no partner. Whatever the reason for being a solo traveller, if you are on travelling alone, you chose to travel alone, no one made you, you could just stay at home.

Virgin Solo Travellers

First Day at SchoolEveryone who travels alone, feels a little bit apprehensive about the experience. If they say they don’t they are lying. Just as any actor, that claims not to feels nervous before a performance, is either stupid or lying. It is that edgy feeling, that gives the adrenalin rush and caution about the uncertain but also the excitement of the unknown.

If you are thinking of travelling alone for the first time it is a bit like starting “Big School” on the first day. Try going for an organised “Solo Holiday,” find your feet and gain more confidence in travelling alone with a supportive structure. Once you know you can do it, the World is your oyster.

The Joys of Travel on Your Own

SElfishTravelling on your own is a selfish experience, you can choose where to go, what to see and what to eat or even whether to eat or not. They are freedoms you don’t get even when travelling with your closest companion. A space to reflect when, “… then begins a journey in my head. To work my mind, …” (Sonnet 27, 1-4)

Travelling on your own is an opportunity to grow as a person, develop new skills and solve your own problems because you have no one to fall back on or to blame. You have to take responsibility for your own actions. If you don’t face new challenges every day, then that’s the day you die inside.

3 Worries Solo Travellers Share

Will I be safe?

safetyYou are right to ask the question “How Safe is it to Travel Alone?” It all depends on where you go, what you do and how sensible you are. Researching the internet there are a lot of questions asking how safe it is to travel alone and the majority are from women.

Gender is not the main factor that puts people at risk when travelling, stupidity does, and that’s not linked to whether your gender. A stupid male is at risk everywhere, a sensible female is safe anywhere.

Who Will Carry My Bag?

BagA big disadvantage is, that there is no one to look after your bags when you go to the loo, watch your back, for pickpockets in the crowded metro, lend you some cash when you have no loose change or tell you you going the wrong way down a one way street. And you are seriously restricted when taking your own picture. Seems there is an answer to hand with a selfie stick!

I hope you didn’t skip the section above on The Joys of Travel on Your Own. You are going to make mistakes but the person who never makes a mistake, never makes anything. Most, “who will carry my bag” problems have a solution, take pleasure in finding them.

Will I be Lonely?

LonelyYes you will. Going to an Art Gallery, you want to say”What a fantastic painting!” The attendant is playing “Candy Crush”. Having dinner alone is less fun. It should be a social time, a time to swap stories about the days adventures, plan tomorrow, enjoy the wine and food, and have a chat and a laugh. While “Sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the sun go down” makes a good song, it makes a better conversation topic.

But read on …

Travelling On Your Own
Does Not Mean Being Alone

If you travel in a bubble and never interact with other people, then you will never know the joys of travelling, you might as well experience travel in the virtual world of books and films. Travelling on your own but not being alone may seem a contradiction but travel should include meeting people and chatting with them.

People throughout the world like to talk to other people and often people are more willing to talk with you, if you are on your own. You can start a conversation with strangers really easily. There are lots of books that give advice from the formal networking to the less formal.

Talk To Strangers

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David Topus, “talk to strangers” suggests that you connect to the world around you and release potential from taking to strangers everyday,  His  message is that we should “always connect,”  and engaging in the random, real–life interactions that have unlimited potential to supercharge and enrich your life.



Strangers Have The Best Candy

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 “Strangers Have The Best Candy” by Margaret Meps Schulte is both a warning and an hilarious tale of the strangers she has met. The warning is she could be talking with you sometime and you could be in her next book. So watch out for a red-haired travelling woman by the name of Meps!



Or you could just try How to Win Friends and Influence People, the first best-selling self-help books ever published written by Dale Carnegie and first published in 1936, it has sold 15 million copies world-wide. Here is his advice

Six Ways to Make People Like You

  1. Become genuinely interested in other people.
  2. Smile.
  3. Remember that a person’s name is, to that person, the sweetest and most important sound in any language.
  4. Be a good listener. Encourage others to talk about themselves.
  5. Talk in terms of the other person’s interest.
  6. Make the other person feel important – and do it sincerely.

Worried About Safety When
You Travel On Your Own

Stephanie YoderI am an older white male, so perhaps you think I don’t understand the problems for younger women travellers. Well here is a link to Stephanie Yoder’s article on

“9 Myths And 1 Single Truth For The Solo Female Traveller”

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