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How to Travel to

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And read this first, Because it is not about the destination. Wherever you are travelling you need to thing about the whole cost and ease of travel not just the price.

Wilf on Travelling

What I Look ForForget the ticket price. However you travel, there are added costs, airport parking, meals, and transfers which all need adding in to the total price of your trip. Plus cheaper often means inconvenient and that is another spelling for added costs. You need to consider the whole travel package, all of the costs and how easy it’s going to be.

See what Wilf, has to say about travelling. Then decide if you agree, disagree or disregard what he says. Form your own opinions about how to travel anywhere, cheaper, easier and better.

Wilf on Travel Options
“A What I look For” Point of View

Getting to the Start

While all roads may lead to Rome, not all destinations can be reached from all starting points. The fact is not all airports have flights to sweet Verona and not all railways lead to Leeds. Thus your options may be limited but where you can take my advice. Balance, what is important for you against the cost and ease of travel.

Distance To The Start Line
Use a departure point as close to your front door as possible. Firstly this cuts down on trains, taxis and airport parking costs. Secondly it’s a lot more convenient not having to travel long distances and thirdly it takes less time.

Early Departures
Booking an early departure is like buying a bucket with a hole in the bottom. A lot of extra effort and cost to get the same outcome. A flight at 8.00 hours means a check-in at 6.00 o’clock. So you need to travel early morning or stay overnight near your departure point. Public transport is bad at early starts, before 6.60 it can be fraught with difficulties such as delays, cancellations and engineering works. In fact everything runs slower early in the morning as the world just starts to wake up.

Late Starts
Late departures make getting to the start a lot easier but a late start often means a late arrival. Arriving at night in a new place makes things more difficult. Public transport is bad at late nights and if you don’t know where you’re going, you can be at a loss or out of pocket, having to pay night rates for taxis.

The longer you have to wait at an airport, the more you are going to spend on things you really don’t need but help to fill the time. The coffee, the book, the last minute things you think you just might need from Boots or W.H.Smiths are all extra costs.

Travel Tip
Aim to arrive at your destination between 8.00 and 16.00. That way you can get to your accommodation in the light and use public transport. The world is awake, things run well during the day and people are helpful after a nights sleep. Get a flight from your local airport or a train from the station, it may be a bit more expensive to buy the ticket but there will be fewer extras and it will be easier.

On The Move

You’ve got to the start point, How else can you make your travel cheaper, easier and better?

If you’ve got children don’t fly for more than four hours, unless the flight is over eight hours and they sleep for at least four hours. If I have to explain this, then you’ve never travelled with children. Even if you are an adult long flights can be a strain on you physically and financially. You can stretch this if you let the train take the strain.

Excess Baggage
Travel light with just a cabin bag. You save time at the check-in, at the baggage reclaim and you don’t have to pay extra for hold baggage. Even if you let the train take the strain, you really don’t want to be humping big bags around.

Getting a Seat
On the train get a seat reservation, its free and you will be able to sit down on an overcrowded train. On a plane with kids you will need to pay extra a get a numbered seat so you can look after them and they won’t be sitting next to me. If you are on your own and it’s a short flight don’t bother paying for a seat, you will get one and if you check in early you normally are given a choice.

Unless you are Jack Reacher, you won’t need extra leg room and if you are Jack Reacher then you know that no seat is big enough. Don’t sit near the WC, or so they say. Sitting close means you can just get up and go.

There are times when you just have to accept a stop-over. Given a choice go direct.

Travel Tip
Get a direct flight. Don’t bother booking a seat but arrive early enough to be at the start of the line. Go with just a cabin bag. Take a sandwich and buy a drink on board if you want to.

The Terminus

Most airports have a map or plan, know where your exit is. Get out as fast as you can, that way you can sort out the next step without the crowds, join the taxi line, find the transport to your accommodation or grab a rest break and coffee.

Getting to your Hotel
Know how you are going to get to your hotel. Check out the options before you get there. How much should a taxi be, is there an airport bus or train service? Seriously consider if the bookable transfer is the best option.

Travel Tip
Check out how to get to your hotel on public transport. Clear the customs and controls and take half an hour to relax and chill out and soak up the culture, before making the next move, you will see the benefit in therms of easier travelling.

Getting Back

OK the trips over and time to return. You don’t want to spoil the adventure so try and make it easy.

Early Returns
Very much like Early Departures, best avoided if possible, smaller airports in Europe are dead before 9.00 but larger airports, you won’t know what time it is. Getting to a strange airport early is a lot more difficult than getting to your local airport. Booked transport is almost a necessity.

Late Returns
Sitting outside a closed hotel at midnight, waiting for your pick-up is not the best way to end a holiday but some times, there is no choice. On the up-side you do get an extra day and if you can leave your bags at the hotel, make the most of it

Early Arrivals
If you’ve got the patience to wait around, grab a coffee and wait for the trains and buses to come alive before you head off home they are the best option and the only option on some package holidays.

Late Arrivals
Unlike late starts and more like early departures, avoid them if you can. Public transport dies at 22.00 and spending a night in airport arrivals is just not the way to end any travelling. You will need a pick up and a pick-me-up.

Travel Tip
Aim to arrive back with enough time to travel back to your front door and a nice cup of tea.

If you want to know how to travel to Spain or San Francisco, check out all of these travel tips before you book a cheap flight and you could make your travelling, cheaper, easier and better.

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