IT Skills for Travelling

IT Skills for Travelling

Hello, it’s good to see you here because it means you can use the internet to find information and it means, like me, you want to travel and travel as cheaply as possible.

I can show you how to do things you want to do, only a little bit better by mastering the internet. Mastering the internet for travelling does not mean doing anything special, it just means, doing what you do but with a few extra whistles and bells to help you find the information you need, compare destinations, travel options and prices.

How2EasyThe easy IT skills for travelling are


  1. Using Bookmarks
  2. Using Tabbed Browsing
  3. Google Maps for Route Planning

Using bookmarks will make finding websites again a lot easier.You can use these with all popular web browsers and no matter which one you are using I have shown you what to do.

Using Tabbed Browsing will allow you to set-up your own price comparison site but picking the things you want. I have also given some examples to show how I have used these in practice to save money. Airport Parking Getting a Deal and Cheap Holidays – Get One Now.

Using Google Maps for Route Planning will let you check if  your local airport is the best airport for this trip.

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