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Make Travel Planning Easier

You’ve spent ages finding that website that’s going to be useful in your travel planning. You write down the address or try to remember it for later but when the time comes to use it …

You should be using bookmarks for easier and better travel planning. Bookmarks on the Internet are just like bookmarks in a real book, or if you are one of those, like turning the corner of the page down. Bookmarks are an easy way to store the URL of a website. This bit at the top in the address bar. URL

Bookmarks are also called Favourites or hot picks but they all do the same thing, save a web address, they don’t save the actual page.

There are several different web browsers and as is they way of the world, they all use bookmarks slightly differently but are close enough to make explaining how to use the common bits easy and add the differences browser by browser. That way you don’t have to wade through lots of irrelevant information.

There are other ways of doing the same but this is the “Pro” quick way, using short-cuts. You Just need to know which keyboard you’re using, to get bookmarks the IT easy way.

Apple vs P.C. Keyboards

The easiest way to get the bookmark tool to open is with keyboard short cuts but you need to know what keyboard you are using.

This is an Apple keyboard, yours may look a bit different but find the keys marked in green, if you’ve got those your good to go.

Mac Keyboard

This is an PC board, yours may look a bit different but find the keys marked in green, if you’ve got those your good to go too.

PC Keyboard

Open The Page you want to Bookmark

For example my blog pageGreyPacker Ramblings

If you’ve got an Apple Keyboard hold the Command ⌘ key down and tap D. ( It might be labelled CMD ⌘ on some keyboards.)

If you’ve got an PC Keyboard hold the Ctrl key down and tap D.

Bookmarks As If By Magic

And in different browsers the set bookmark box pops up

In Safari in the centreSafari

In Chrome at the top right

ChromeIn Firefox at the top right

FirfoxIn Internet Explorer in the centre

Internet ExplorerIn Opera at the top right


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