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Getting to Your Local Airport

You might know the route to your local airport “like the back of your hand” but here is a chance to learn a way to plan a route to new airports, or in fact anywhere. While a lot of people have a Sat Nav to help in navigation while they are driving, they don’t work too well when planning a route in advance.

Google Route Planner

Just enter your route as a search in Google. In this example this is “York to Manchester airport.” Notice that Google offers you appropriate alternatives. Just click on the one you want from the list.

EnterThe Information

ThereitIsGoogle has given us the information we need.

  1. The distance from York to Manchester Airport, 84 miles.
  2. How long it will take normally, 1hr 32min and how long if we set off now 1hr 31min.
  3. It has given us a Post Code M90 1QX, useful for a Sat. Nav.

A Detailed Route From Google

Click on the large grey arrow pointing down to get a detailed route.

directions2Useful to print out but not as good as the Sat. Nav. when you get diverted or take the wrong turn.

Adapting the Google Route

You might want to change the route from experience or necessity. When I drive to Leeds Bradford Airport, I always like to go a different way from Google’s suggested route. Because I like my way better and computers don’t have irrational likes and dislikes, only the people do. You might need to take a detour to pick-up provisions or other people that are travelling with you. This is where the “Drag to change route” comes in handy.

DragToChangeGo to a point on the blue route, hold your left mouse button down and drag the dot to where you want to go to. Let go and Hey Ho! You have a new route and timing.

Want more changes? Need to pop into Leeds for something you forgot? Just click on another blue dot and drag it around.

routechangedJob done by Google an easy way to use IT better for better travel.

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