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Price comparison sites may choose from over a hundred different providers but they don’t always pick what’s best for you. You can do your own price comparison really easy using tabbed browsing.

Right Mouse clickTabbed browsing lets you open several website at once, in tabs and you can click from one tab to another to compare prices. It works in all common web browsers, they just use slightly different words. All you have to do is click on a link with your right mouse button.


Tabbed Browsing in Different Browsers

In Opera it says “Open Link in New Tab”Opera

In Firefox it uses the same phrase.


In Chrome The same phrase again only the pop-up is white.

ChromeEven Safari uses Open link in New Tab

SafariInternet Explorer is more terse and just says “Open in New Tab”

Internet ExplorerOpen in New Window

Open in a new tab is just one window and swapping between tabs is easy. Open in new window, stacks different windows one on top of the other, totally use less for price comparison.

Tabbed Browsing in Practice

Tabbed browsing is an easy and simple IT skill. To see how I used it in practice  I saved £1,684 on a holiday for four in Spain


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