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Paderborn is certainly a place worth a visit but I must confess I had never heard of Paderborn and it was an article in the Guardian that first gave me the idea to make a visit. When I started my research, I found a lot of questions from British travellers needing information on Paderborn,. It could be like me they just wanted to visit a pretty German Town but I think it more likely that they wanted to visit their families serving in the British Army of the Rhine, who are stationed around Paderborn.

Paderborn. The Source of the river Pader

My Paderborn Story ~ Lessons Learned about Travelling

The first problem I encountered was that most of the Information was in German. I have a grasp of French, can get what I want in Italian and Spanish but in German and Greek I am limited to Hello, Please and Thank You. Reading information in German is not that difficult, I used two tabs, one with the German website and one with Google Translation. Then with a few bits of I.T. I made a “mashed-up” document that combined the facts with the translated text, so I could print them off. I cannot understand why the tourist offices cannot do this themselves.

At the Bad Lippspringe tourist office the young woman said they were working on English versions but only had information on cycle tours in English. I said I didn’t have a bike, so she offered to hire me one. A real example of “up-selling”.

Bad Lippspringe

Bad Lippspringe


Getting to Paderborn

All roads may lead to Rome and one of the variety of routes to Paderborn, must go through Rome, because the journey is not a straight forward as I think it should be. And Rome2Rio let me down! From 24 hours on a bus, an overnight ferry and a long drive, to a combination of trains with 7 minute changes of platform, Flying was the only answer for a short trip.

Paderborn Hotels

Booking hotels is rarely a problem and makes the task easy, except, unless you know the town the map locations are not always that helpful. They say that “Failing to plan, is planning to fail.” and I am a bit of a planner, even though sometimes I go off surfing when I find something interesting. In the end I booked 3 different hotels because it gave me a chance to do some hotel comparisons, which I thought might be useful for other travellers to Paderborn.

Getting from the Airport in Paderborn

To get from Paderborn Lippstadt Airport into Paderborn is a €50 taxi ride and it is only 20 minutes on the bus and €6.40. The flight into Paderborn landed at 20.00, I didn’t know about the bus service. I realised that if you don’t know the bus stop name, travelling by bus is difficult and even worse in the dark. Rome2Rio let me down again, but I will explain later because it was an important learning experience.

 The Paderborn Experience

Where ever I go travelling, I like to experience things hands-on as much as possible but you can’t avoid doing some touristy things, because after all you are a tourist on a short visit. I do like to eat local food, walk and travel by public transport.

Here are my posts on Paderborn, I hope you find them interesting but more importantly I hope you find them helpful in planning your own trip.


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