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Travel blogs and surfing the internet.Some travel blogs also lead me along new paths of thought and I stray into different fields and I go rambling off into new topics.  Here is a collection of possibly random thoughts, that started off from the “car park” of research into travelling, with a route plan,  map and compass and ended up somewhere totally different but just as interesting.

Perhaps they will inspire you to ride a different wave and surf in new directions too. Enjoy the random …

Information Technology - Information Technology and Travel A long time ago, before I became grey, I encountered my first computer. That might be pushing the truth a bit because I was never allowed to touch it. It was a main frame locked behind a glass screen and guarded by geeks. I spoke to it with punch cards and […]
Vacations are a bit like a sandwich - Make Your Own Vacations A vacation is a bit like a sandwich, the travel there is the bread, the destination the filling and transport back another bit of bread. You can take analogies too far but I often find then entertaining, if you want to add your own sound bites on the analogy feel free […]
Azodicarbonamide - Azodicarbonamide with the  E number E927 What should I eat on My American Road Trip? After reading an article in USA Today, “Subway: ‘Yoga mat’ chemical almost out of bread.” I just had to find out more, so here are my findings What do Mac Donald’s say? Do your buns contain the same chemicals used […]
What makes a good meal what makes a good meal? - What makes a good meal. Trip Advisor v. Grey Packer The other day I went to Scarborough, a seaside town in Yorkshire, Seaside towns in England are not well know as gastronomic centres of excellence. Fish and Chips, Sausage and Chips, with or without curry sauce, Candy floss, ice creams and seaside rock are the […]
Tripadvisor Reviews - I have just received an email from Tripadvisor   I review for TripAdvisor, for the same reason I am writing this blog, I want to help other travellers and I like the thought of being cherished. But the question is can you trust Tripadvisor reviews? I am always totally amazed at how the same restaurant […]
Reassuring Lie Knowledge Information and Data - Knowledge Information and Data Planning your next trip? You are going to be using information, right? Reviews from Tripadvisor, hotel booking site hotel details, price comparison websites, travel blogs,  Pdf Guides to the area and maps from Google. Be Warned, all is not as it seems Data, Clean Simple Facts Mobile phone companies are offering […]
American Holidays Travel vs Vacation -  Vacations and Holidays I do like the way Americans call holidays, vacations. They reserve the word holiday for its traditional meaning of “Holy Day”, In England we have lost that sense of a holiday as being a special day and have to tag the celebration to the word, such as Christmas Holiday. Wiki has an […]
Sleeping on Planes Sleeping On Planes - Sleeping On Planes Sleeping on planes is not just about long haul flights and up grading to business class. If you have to get up early to catch a flight, it can ruin the whole day, so being able to catch-up a hour or two’s sleep can add to your holiday pleasure. Though I can […]
Hotels Not on - Off the Radar HotelsHotels Not on Not all hotels are on booking sites. Booking sites like offer a wide range of hotels throughout the world but they charge hotels for the privilege of advertising with them, thus many smaller hotels on tight budgets cannot or will not pay for the advertising, preferring to […]
The Guide to Booking Hotels - Booking hotels is easy, getting it right takes a little more time Some things worth knowing about booking hotels It really is worth understanding about how hotels and booking sites work, before you start dashing off and searching for a hotel. Before you start searching for hotels Ask yourself is it a hotel room you […]
Cornflakes Cheap Holidays - Cheap Holidays are cheap for a ReasonCornflakes are Too It came as no surprise to me to read in The Sunday Times that POUNDLAND, which consistently promotes its “amazing” everyday value, is selling some grocery products at up to 50% more than those sold in the leading supermarkets, a Sunday Times analysis reveals. Sunday Times […]
Not Your Normal Travel Advice - There is No Better Travel Advice Than This The best travel advice is, learn how to find your own information. Only you can know what is best for you. I am an Information Technology teacher and I believe in the old saying If you give a man a fish you feed him for a day. […]
WordPress Plugin Evaluation - Travel Reviews Can You Trust Them?A Bit Like a WordPress Plugin Evaluation Evaluating anything is all in the method. OK, so this is a travel blog but I am using WordPress and deciding what plugin’s reviews to trust is similar to deciding which reviews to trust on tripadvisor when I book a hotel. My Evaluation […]
A Computer History Museum, My Life - A Computer History MuseumMy Life Displayed   One of the reasons I went to Paderborn was to see the “Worlds Largest A Computer History Museum” and it was not a disappointment. It covered the history of computing from cogs to micro chips. There was lots to do, for a geek anyway, but it made me […]

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