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I enjoy reading about the travel destinations of other people and hearing about what they have see and done, and learning about their adventures both good and bad. Over the next few months I hope to entertain you with my own experiences through my blog about My Travel Destinations.

YorkMinsterSome of my travel destinations were big adventures and others a “walk in the park”. I don’t think  travel destinations always have to be far away, some on just a bus ride away. I will include some of my local adventures because for some people my home area is their bigger adventure and perhaps I can share some local knowledge.


Some are in the planning and I will share my planning with you so you can see the way I used IT to get where I want to be, at a price I can afford.

CompostellaThe big one in the planning is the Camino de Santiago and I have devoted a whole section to this because I plan to walk the whole 500 miles and I want to research and plan it better than I did for my last Camino. There seems to be a lot of fellow pilgrims who are searching for advice too and I hope to provide them with an easy way to sort the wheat from the chaff and show them how they can use the internet to help them plan their Camino.


Route66The third theme of my Travel destinations is the dream, or the wish list, most certainly not a bucket list as I am not ready to think about that yet. I am a great believer in having a dream to work towards, as I have stressed in my DIY Package Holidays.   I think the whole World is like an exciting chocolate box and I can get please just from contemplating what to pick next as possible travel destinations.


El Camino Camino de Santiago de Compostela - Are you looking for Inspiration to walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela? I can understand why you are thinking about walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, I walked it in 2007 and it is an experience I have never forgotten. But this blog is about planning for my next Camino in 2015. I […]
when to walk When to Walk the Camino - When to Walk the Camino? It may well be that you have no real choice. When I first walked the Camino, the question “When to walk the Camino?” fitted into the time slot between the start of the school holidays and the start of the school term” which in reality meant August. The weather was […]
Camino de Santiago Planning - How long will it take to walk from one place to another? A very useful tool to help in your Camino de Santiago Planning First an Explanation of Walking Speeds Knowing how far you can walk in a day is an important part of Camino de Santiago Planning, it will determine where you can stay […]
Garrowby_Hill_tumulus Yorkshire Wolds - Yorkshire Wolds and other Ramblings I have just posted an article on when to walk the Camino and made an aside about the dramatic change in the weather from the York side of Garrowby Hill to the other side the Yorkshire Wolds. It is a shame that a lot of visitors to Yorkshire go for […]
Paderborn I am going to Paderborn - Why I am Going to Paderborn I can get inspired to travel by the oddest things. I am going to Paderborn and it all started with a news story in the Guardian, the British Army of the Rhine is to leave Germany. Now it has been there since before I was born. I have been […]
Finding Information About Paderborn - How to Find Information About Paderborn In my previous post I said I was going to Paderborn and gave some reasons why I wanted to go. Here is how I found the information. First I just typed Paderborn into Google There were two areas that caught my eye, as worth exploring more. The picture leads […]
How To Get To Paderborn - How To Get To Paderborn Finding out “How To Get To Paderborn” was not as easy has it should be and even when I did it was a very difficult journey. I was in Aldi in York and the queue was long so I got chatting to the soldier waiting behind me. I told him […]
Lufthansa to Paderborn How to get to Paderborn from the UK - How to get to Paderborn from the UK ~ The Solution Having spent hour researching, “How to get to Paderborn from the UK” here is my solution, although not ideal it is the best of a bad bunch. I looked at the alternatives in How to Get to Paderborn this is what I ended up […]
Paderborn Hotels - Paderborn Hotels offers 25 hotels in Paderborn, although some will be booked for the nights you want but still every time I looked there was a choice of about 15. So how do you make a choice. The one I thought sounded good was In Via. It had good reviews and the pictures seemed […]
Hotels Paderborn - 3 Very Different Hotels in Paderborn On my visit to Paderborn I stayed in three very different hotels.The first night I stopped in the Airport hotel, then moved into a cheap hotel in Paderborn and finally stayed in a more expensive hotel that looked like a German Christmas card picture. What can you expect from […]
The Philosophers Way by Bus - Philosphenweg The Philosophers Way Paderborn I first wanted to visit Paderborn because of an article in the Guardian but then the spirit of adventure and discover took over. See Reason to Visit Paderborn. I thought it would be good to see where the BAOR were stationed using Google Maps I found Barker Barracks and zooming […]

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