Travel Ideas, Where to Start Looking

Travel Ideas
Where to Start Looking

Need inspiration for some Travel Ideas?
Read what inspires Wilf’s plots and plays, use these ideas as a springboard,
and then write your own adventure script.

Wilf on Travel Ideas

What I Look ForWhere can you get ideas that fire the imagination and generate a desire to go travelling. Travelling is a bit like writing your own story. It has a start, a middle and an end and it has it’s own plot. One way you will be disappointed in the final chapter, is you aimlessly go on a vacation lacking a direction.

Where I Look For Inspiration
“A Wilf” Point of View

The Internet
Well you know about this because you are here, so what more do you want? There is nothing wrong with buying from the “Big Boys” of the internet travel firms, nothing wrong that is if you want to join everyone else. But you do not want that and that is why you are here, so read on and let the play commence …

Travel Firms
Travel AgentsThere is nothing wrong with the old ways of deciding where to go on your travels,. Pop down to the local travel agents, pick-up some brochures, take them home and dream. Just don’t rush to book, remember you can write your own story and travel agents sell their products wrapped up as your dream holiday.

TV Documentaries

Palins New Europe

Link to Amazon

Iain Stewart

Link to BBC

Australia never appeared as a destination on my radar, until I watched Professor Iain Stewart’s documentary about the mysterious history of Australia. He vividly explained how Australia’s journey as a continent affected everything from Aboriginal history to modern-day mining, and even the evolution of Australia’s wildlife. It now is certainly on the list of places to visit. Seeing places in documentaries lets you see what is out there, that you might not have considered. Of course I watch travel documentaries and I thought I knew Europe well but I never really got into Monty Python [Amazon link.] nonetheless Michael Palin’s New Europe has introduced me to places I never knew existed.

Music and Musicals

Dare I admit that I like The Sound of Music and in the same breath that I went to Marrakesh because I couldn’t “save all my money” to go when I was a student. A mismatch? Or as they say in South Pacific, [Amazon link.] “You gotta have a dream, if you don’t have a dream, How you gonna have a dream come true?”

Every place has it’s own culture and it is that that entices one to travel. The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a good place to see what the World has to inspire you. But for me culture could be found in any city with museums and art galleries.

UNESCO World Herritage Sites

I’m a link


Link to Amazon

VigataxBoth books and films open up great vistas to the imagination. Who would not want to visit Vigàta in Sicily after watching Inspector Montalbano. Yes, the series is filmed city of Ragusa and some surrounding towns and the seaside and harbour locations were at Punta Secca and Licata. But I would never have investigated this area without the clues from Salvo.


Gozo in reality

I’m a link

Scopion Ritual

Link to Amazon

And I’ve got to visit Gozo, an island just off the coast Gozoof Malta, after playing the Chronicles of Mystery, The Scorpio Ritual. The game made Gozo seem just the place for an adventure.

 Passions and Interests

Art Courses

I’m a link

Don’t start with a destination, start with a passion for something you like, be that art, history, food, basket weaving or whatever, then find a destination where you can enjoy or extend your interests. Search for “Picasso Art Museums”, “Art Classes in Europe”, “Cooking in Greece”,”stand-up comedy classes USA”, I am sure you get the idea.

 The Unknown, Adventure
The desire to see over the next hill has driven mankind to travel over the hill across oceans and into new continents. You too can take a step into the unknown, either lets someone lead you or take a bus or a train and just explore.


I’m a link.


I’m a link.


I’m a link.


Price, Just Get Me out of Here!
Sometimes you just feel a need to get away and the only thing that gets the creative juices flowing, is finding somewhere cheap. Anywhere

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