The Travelling I.T. Teacher

The Travelling Information Technology Teacher

Grey Packer in India
I am a retired ICT teacher, with a passion for travel. My IT skills and experience help me get cheap holidays, then I can travel more often. For forty years I enjoyed teaching and had great fun with the kids, perhaps I am a bit of a kid at heart too.

People say “Do you miss teaching?” Well I do miss the classroom and the actual teaching but I don’t miss the paperwork, the meetings and target setting. They say “Old teachers never die, they just lose their class.” I don’t think that travelling on a budget means you have to lose your class, you just change your targets, from getting high grades to having more fun.

I taught Information Communications Technology (ICT) and I can share my skills with you and hopefully make your travelling easier, cheaper, and allow you to do more on your travels.

I like to travel and have been bitten by the passion since my student days. Money was tight, and backpacking and hitch hiking were the means to adventures. Money is still tight and I still want to travel, so nothing much has changed with age but the internet has opened up a whole new world of possibilities.


I chose the site title, “Grey Packer” because, while travelling back to York from Scarborough, I listened to Sandi Toksvig, presenting Excess Baggage. The item was on “The Rise of the Grey Packer.” Well I am grey and I’ve been a backpacker since my student days hence the name Grey Packer. If you are not a listener I can recommend Excess Baggage and here is a link.

I am married with grown-up children and grandchildren. At times I travel with my family for holidays but I travel a lot on my own, then I call it an adventure!

Yorkshire RoseI live in Yorkshire, “God’s own county.” I love the Yorkshire the countryside and I am proud of the Yorkshire people, who are friendly and welcoming, honest and trustworthy, and just has importantly know good value when they see it.

QuestioningIn every class there is always one child that asks “The Question” the one that other kids would like to ask but don’t want to put their hand up. A website lacks that child, so I’ve included “The Kid”, who pops-up now and again with “The Question”.

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