What? is the Question to Get Cheap Travel

Do Not Search for “Cheap Travel”

Do Not search for “cheap holidays” or “cheap travel” or for that matter cheap anything, what you get is cheap things, that’s not the same as getting what you want cheaper!

Don’t start searching the internet until you know what you want from your travel, holiday or vacation. To get better and cheaper travel you must start by asking yourself what you want from this trip.

The Aldi adverts make this point really well.

Knowing What You Want is Not Easy

Life The Universe and EverythingIn The Hikers Guide to the Galaxy some very clever pan-dimensional beings wanted to know the answer to the question what “What is The Meaning of Life, The Universe, and Everything?” they ask the supercomputer, “Deep Thought”. It takes Deep Thought 7½ million years to work out the answer, which is.

I don't want spoil the answer but if you want to know ..

42was the answer given by Deep Thought. Meaningless, perhaps but the so was the question.

Deep Thought suggests that the answer is meaningless, because the beings who asked the question, did not really understand what they wanted to find out.

Get the Key to a better and cheaper holiday

The secret to getting that better vacations and cheap travel, is to make a list of KEY WORDS that describe just what you want. Watch the trivago TV ad 2012 and get the idea.

Searching Google without using it

Lot’s of searchers use Google at a very basic level, stringing together a few words that they think will get them the answer to their question.

Every time Good Old Google gives them an answer, that fits the words they type. Although Google tries to workout what you want to know, much better than “Deep Thought” ever could.

Google suggests

But if you ask for the wrong things, you still get the wrong answer. In I.T. we call this “GIGO”, Garbage In, Garbage Out.

You could carry on using Google in this way or perhaps even try changing the words you use Cheap holiday could become inexpensive holidays. You could even try adding a word or two Cheap Holiday Turkey 2015

Adding more words works well at cutting down how many results you see. The jargon for this is refining your search, but just adding a named place cuts down your choice of cheap holidays in places you may not have thought of, think outside the box.

BarneyFredeIf you start thinking “outside the box” then you might be surprised what you find. To illustrate this you might like to read Fred and Barney’s story “Wow I’m going to Barbados.”

Using Google to Search for Cheap Travel

Here are some quick ways to improve you chances of getting the cheap travel you want

  1. Be clear about what you want
    Go away from the computer and be creative but specific about what you want from your trip. Get a list of Key Words to use in your search engine.
  2. Ignore the suggestions offered by Google
    As you type, Google suggests words because that is what other people have looked for. That means “cheap holidays to spain” is a popular search and if demand increases, so do prices.
  3. Use more Words
    Google will let you use up to 32 words in the search box. I checked this and Google told me thus, “depart” (and any subsequent words) was ignored because we limit queries to 32 words.) The longer the list the more you will refine the results and get closer to what you want.
  4. Dig a Little Deeper on the Results
    The first page of Google contains a lot of sponsored advertising, that means firms are paying to be there on the front page. They are paying, which adds to their costs, so you are paying too. Google offers you ten pages, there may be some real bargains deeper down.


Dig Deeper in Google

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